Seneca Nation and other Iroquois Artists

Welcome to our new online artist directory, where you can connect with artists from the Seneca Nation and other Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) nations. These experienced artists practice in traditional native american and contemporary art forms.  Click on an artists name to view samples of their high-quality artwork, learn more about the artist, and get information to contact the artist directly.

Bill Crouse (Seneca, hawk clan) - painting/drawing, woodwork, traditional instruments

Norm Jimerson (Seneca) - stone and antler carving

Adrian John (Seneca, hawk clan) - carving, woodwork, sculpture, painting

Peter Jones (Onondaga, beaver clan) - stoneware pottery and sculpture

Penelope S. Minner (Seneca, turtle clan) - black ash splint basketry

Antoinette Scott (Seneca, deer clan) - cornhusk dolls

Roger B. Thompson (Seneca, turtle clan) - drawing, woodburning

Carson Waterman (Seneca, snipe clan) - painting/drawing

Marvin "Joe" Curry Veteran's Pow Wow

Veteran's Park, Salamanca, NY

July 18-20, 2014

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